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Standard Operating Procedure's
(SOPs) Inventory 

Cannabis Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's)

EVERGREEN GROWERS LLC is dedicated to helping you achieve your cannabis cultivation goals. We provide consulting services to ensure you have the necessary Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in place to ensure consistent, compliant, successful grows and healthy plants. Our experienced team of Weed Consultants LLC is adept at anticipating issues, anticipating errors, and creating SOP's to ensure your cannabis cultivation business is set up for success.

Cannabis Consultants

We provide a variety of services such as permitting, cultivation, manufacturing, and retail. Here is a list of our current operating plans available for purchase and if you don't see what you need, our team of specialist can help you by creating your own custom plan. Learn more about our projects and services today.

Cannabis Project
Training and Development

We are expert Cannabis Consultants providing the nessessary Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to our clients. We are dedicated to helping our clients manage their businesses more effectively and efficiently. With our help, you can have the confidence to move forward with your next Cannabis Investment.

Why Are Standard Operating Procedures Important?

Evergreen Growers LLC understands Carefully constructed SOPs boost efficiency, safety, and quality control. Unsurprisingly, the larger the organization, and the more workers completing tasks simultaneously, the more challenging performance management becomes. 
Similarly, your organization’s employees must agree on shared goals, priorities, and protocols to guarantee success. Whether you run an e-commerce bobblehead store or a large aluminum manufacturing facility, working from standard operating procedures (SOPs) is crucial. 

Clearly written standard operating procedures are essential because they eliminate uncertainty about how to best complete assignments. Put simply, anyone within your organization should be able to produce a standardized outcome for any routine task by simply following the instructions. 

Before we move any further, let’s make sure we’re on the same page.

Standard operating procedures also referred to as SOPs, are written instructions that detail how to complete routine tasks in simple steps. Common SOP formats include checklists, hierarchies, and flowcharts They can be documented via analog or digital methods.  Evergreen Growers LLC consultants work hard to help you automate the process of developing effective SOPs from start to finish.

Benefits of Using Standard Operating Procedures

As previously mentioned, taking the time to write, assign, and manage standard operating procedures provides many benefits. Some of the most noteworthy outcomes include: 

Standard Operating Procedures

1. Improved Quality Control
Wouldn’t it be amazing for every employee to “get it right the first time?” As the name suggests, SOPs establish standard methods for completing tasks as part of a unified quality management system. Standardization ensures that neither production nor performance is compromised when new hires come on board. Established protocols provide a baseline that ensures quality will never be compromised in the event of unforeseen circumstances, competing priorities, or employee shift changes. 
Once you have foundational SOPs in place, you can begin to identify opportunities for greater efficiency. Every world-class operation begins with consistent quality control. 

3. Improved Efficiency
What organization doesn’t want to improve efficiency? The more work you can accomplish, with minimal amounts of effort, the more capital you have to spend in other areas. Additionally, inefficient workplace processes sometimes yield frustrated, unproductive employees. 
Take the time to distill complex processes into streamlined steps, and you will likely eliminate several forms of waste.  It’s not uncommon for even the tightest ships to uncover unnecessary steps that waste precious energy, time, and resources.

2. Enhanced Accountability 
Have you ever discovered an important task uncompleted upon arriving at work? Maybe your facility’s bathroom counters weren’t wiped down properly the night before. Sadly, when you ask who was responsible for the task, you see nothing but pointing fingers.
Digital SOP assignments provide an extra measure of accountability for business activities. SOP software allows you to see when employees open and close assigned work orders in real time. SOP software automatically applies a digital time-stamp to task activity. Managers can even require uploaded photograph documentation and signatures for additional peace of mind. 

4. Simplified Regulatory Requirements
SOP software provides organizations with digital audit trails that they can use to improve quality assurance and regulatory compliance. Besides reinforcing critical safety and compliance standards among employees, cloud-based records can serve as a crucial defense in the event of an OSHA audit. 
Essentially, would you rather spend hours digging through hefty filing cabinets for paper records or spend seconds generating an automated compliance report? Even the most minor OSHA violations start at $5,851 for each incurred penalty.

5. Reduced Production Waste

As briefly mentioned before, most organizations waste significantly more resources on poorly mapped procedures than they realize. Evergreen Growers LLC, is an operational methodology that identifies eight primary types of waste you can eliminate for maximum efficiency, including: 

  • Transportation waste

  • Inventory waste

  • Excess motion

  • Overproduction

  • Manufacturing defects

  • Wait time

  • Under-utilized skills

SOPs can help identify types of waste so you can begin to eliminate or minimize them. Consistently monitor the implementation of your SOPs to get a handle on areas of improvement.

6. Improved Workplace Safety
Finally, why are standard operating procedures important? They help keep team members safe! Workplace safety is paramount. Regardless of the industry, you are responsible as an employer to always provide a safe work environment for team members. 
Hazardous electrical, chemical, or fall protection oversights can lead to accidents. Not only do such incidents unjustly harm workers, but they cost big bucks when OSHA gets involved. 
Written SOPs that distill work processes into step-by-step instructions can streamline new employee onboarding, reduce errors, and support safe working conditions. Use SOPs to ensure all employees complete tasks without compromising the safety of themselves and their staff members.

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