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Scorecards provide management with valuable insight into their firm's service and quality in addition to its financial track record. By measuring all of these metrics, executives are able to train employees and other stakeholders and provide them with guidance and support.

The Balanced Scorecard approach helps organisations design key performance indicators for their various strategic objectives. This ensures that companies are measuring what actually matters. Research shows that companies with a BSC approach tend to report higher quality management information and better decision-making.

EVERGREEN GROWERS LLC is proud to introduce our professional team of Cannabis Consultants. With an impressive track record and a commitment to providing valuable management insight, we have helped countless companies reach and exceed their cannabis business goals over the past three years.
EVERGREEN GROWERS LLC has seen impressive growth and achieved incredible results.  Our excellent score card reflects our commitment to helping our clients achieve success in the industry.

Cannabis Flower

Evergreen Growers LLC
Cannabis Consultants
Score Card

Kush Mints Strain

Company Name: Evergreen Growers LLC
Cannabis Industry: Cannabis Consultants
Established: April 2020

Career Highlights & Achievements
Highest THC achieved: 
Highest THC 42.6%
Avg, THC 35.8%
Highest Total Cannabinoids 51%
Avg. Total Cannabinoids 40%
Highest Yield lbs./light achieved: 
4.25/ light - 170Lbs/40 Lights
Average Yield per harvest
3.33 lbs./light 132lbs/40 Lights
Skill Set: 
Master Grower & Director of Cultivation, Staff Training/ Development, Research and Development, Cannabis Facility Design & Construction, Branding and Marketing, Licensing and Regulatory Compliance (City and State), Financing, and Annual Permitting Compliance
Highly skilled and experienced in Indoor Cultivation Sites under 50K in size
Managed & Trained over 117 employees throughout Career
Licensed Facilities Worked: 15
New Innovations: 7

About us.

Evergreen Growers LLC: Cultivating Excellence in the Cannabis Industry since 2020Since its inception in 2020, Evergreen Growers LLC has emerged as a pioneering force in the cultivation industry, making significant strides in the cannabis landscape. With multiple state-of-the-art facilities spread across Southern California, Evergreen Growers has been dedicated to perfecting the art of cannabis cultivation, one room at a time, while maintaining an unwavering commitment to efficiency.Our journey began with a simple yet ambitious vision - to produce the finest cannabis products in Southern California. Through continuous dedication and innovation, we have achieved remarkable success in delivering top-notch cannabis strains that have garnered widespread recognition among enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.What sets Evergreen Growers apart is our team of experts, boasting hands-on experience in the highly regulated cannabis industry. Drawing upon their vast knowledge and expertise, we have consistently transformed companies within the sector by optimizing and refining their people, systems, and processes. As the industry evolves, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve, consistently adapting our strategies to meet the ever-changing demands and regulations.

Cannabis Business Management

Our mission to become synonymous with knowledge, experience, and work ethics has driven us to exceed expectations at every turn. We approach each venture with a passion for excellence, and our commitment to customer satisfaction remains unyielding. Whether it's partnering with fellow cultivators, developing innovative cultivation methods, or fostering strong ties within the cannabis community, Evergreen Growers LLC remains dedicated to forging a reputation of unparalleled integrity and reliability.

As we continue to flourish, our aim is to extend our reach and influence within the cannabis industry. By harnessing our collective wisdom and hands-on experience, we strive to lead the way in setting industry standards for cultivation practices, sustainability, and product quality.

Evergreen Growers LLC invites you to join us on this exhilarating journey towards cannabis excellence. With every harvest, we reaffirm our pledge to elevate the industry to new heights, empowering businesses and consumers alike to embrace the wonders of responsibly cultivated cannabis.
In summary, Evergreen Growers LLC stands firmly at the forefront of the cultivation industry since 2020. With multiple cutting-edge facilities, a passion for efficient cultivation, and a relentless commitment to producing the best cannabis products, we are poised to become a well-known name, synonymous with knowledge, experience, and work ethics in the cannabis community.

Established business since 2020

April 2020- Present

Evergreen Growers LLC 
Senior Consultant/ 
Director of Cultivation

Cultivation Services - Cannabis Compliance/ State & City permits / Metrc - Building Compliance (City Requirements) - Business Management Services - Co2 Compliance Assistance / Installation - Consulting Services (All-inclusive Cannabis Services).

Cannabis Operation Assessment.

FREE 2 Hour Compliance and operation Assessment

This analysis will cover a review of your compliance history with all relevant agencies, as well as a deep dive into the inner workings of your business.

FREE SOP's Assessment

An operating system created specifically for the cannabis industry. All your SOPs, forms, and documents in one place and easily accessible.

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