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We Specialize in Business Management,

Cannabis Cultivation





Evergreen Growers LLC focuses on enhancing the quality of products, assisting marijuana enterprises in compliance navigation, employee training, and operational management. With our expert guidance, you can maximize your investments.
Our transformative approach involves evaluating, enhancing, and perfecting individuals, systems, and procedures within companies.


"We help Operational Cannabis businesses scale"

Evergreen Growers LLC provides expert advice and support for business owners and investors in the legal cannabis industry. 
Our experienced consultants specialize in areas such as legal marijuana, risk management, investment advice, medical marijuana / medical cannabis cultivation, and long-term business planning. 
Our Goal is to ensure that all of our clients have the tools and resources needed to maximize their success.  With our experience and guidance, you can make the most out of your Cannabis investments.

Phillip Westbrooks, AZ

EVERGREEN GROWERS LLC has built a strong and capable team, made up of a mix of experienced and new team members, who are committed to helping my cannabis businesses Thrive! 

Owner of 
Spectrum Solutions LLC

Joe Montes, CA

"We are absolutely thrilled with the exceptional services provided by the incredible team at Evergreen Growers! Their expertise in the cannabis industry and compliance matters was truly invaluable. With their guidance and support, our team successfully obtained our TCO from the city and smoothly launched our facility. They truly went above and beyond to ensure our success. If you're looking for cannabis consulting, look no further than Evergreen Growers LLC. Highly recommended!"

"Owner of
Med Rec Pharmacy"

Victory Mirabal, CA

As a power solutions and heavy equipment rental company, we were stoked to work with the Evergreen Growers team, they knew exactly what their system needed with regard to power. That was a HUGE plus, (serious time saver). 100% we would recommend them to any company looking to design, install, adjust or scale their operation. Effective & Efficient. Two words that we feel best describe their team. 

"Owner of
Star Power Rentals"

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We're gathering only a small amount of information about the Cannabis Industry right now. While we're surveying consumers and getting some data on new trends, I believe we need to do more research on the companies who operate in the cannabis sector. The greater the availability of data, the better equipped we are to deepen our understanding of how our business can thrive in this volatile market.

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